I used a spare enlarger as a sensitometer for a few years. I found it almost impossible to account for all the variables even when I wrote everything down.

Exact same lens
Exact same aperture
Exact same head height
Exact same lens/light source (focus) distance
Exact same mixing box
Exact same filtration (all 'white' or did I give it some blue to make it more daylight ???)
Exact same bulb (did I use the EKG or the DED bulb??)
Exact same time
Exact same method of making the contact (ie exact same glass thickness, which contact frame did I use??)
Exact same step wedge (I have multiple, which one did I use ??)
Exact same location on the baseboard (did I put it the step wedge in the center of the carrier image projection, the center of the lightbox projection or the optical center of the lens???)

Using an enlarger might be just fine for you but it kind of depends on what you want to do. If you want to post some speed info on Shanghi film compared to Tri-x or just get your slope to help with determining negative development time or monitor the activity of your 5 year old replenished developer.

A few years ago sensitometers were inexpensive and I posted many times that everyone with a densitometer should have one, though, I think the inexpensive ones are getting harder to come by. 8 years ago I got an EG&G off ebay for $13 and I was the only bidder. My white-light Wejex was $50.

When someone posts about fantastic shadow density with their super concoction fine grained home-made developer I don't give it much credence unless I see a comparison curve with D76 or some other popular developer. A sensitometer is the best way to make curves quickly and easily.