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I have used an enlarger, a contact frame setup, a professional 1B at EK and an EG&G unit. So, I've covered a lot of territory. I can just say that all of those work for me and have given useful and repeatable results that have been compared over several years. All I can say is use what works for you, and I am happy with the enlarger, contact frame and GG&G that I have. The 1B is probably in the dumpster at Ek.


PE- How is your EG&G holding up? Mine required a new bulb and one of the capacitor bleed resistors to ground fried. Other than that, seems like it should keep going a long time.

Michael R 1974-- The EG&G manual actually is very good reading for using and understanding any sensitometer, even an enlarger. If you want a PDF let me know. Even if you don't have a 'sensitometery laboratory' or calibrated sensitometer it is interesting to read about how to do an ASA PH2.5-1960 speed test in a step-by-step how-to manner.