When starting in color your going to go through a bunch of paper and chemicals. I make up 5-liter batches and store it in recycled wine "boxes". You can make up smaller batches too.

For me 10-liters is enough for about 200 8x10s. (I'm not as efficient as a minilab which can get about 500.) Roughly $50 plus shipping from Adorama.

I've used the arista stuff (using your logic when I started) and it works fine, similar sheet throughput. So maybe 40 sheets For $32 (and I bet the shipping is within pennies). So for 18 bucks extra with the 10-liter kit, you get enough to do roughly 160 more sheets. If you reorder Arista even once you are behind the 1 10-liter Kodak kit.

Given the learning curve, if you get 4 nice prints out of the first 40 you will have done well, it gets easier and nice proofs come more often after you "get it", but even today if I get 1 really nice print (not just a nice proof) out of 5 tries with a new negative, I've done well.

I actually buy roll paper now, 300 or so feet at a whack and don't bat an eye when I need another 10 liters.