Thanks, George,

The images do not see any black (perforation film). Is down the black from my eye. Time or temperature change at the first developer until you get a good black.
I didn't quite understand it. There were good blacks after the first developer. Should I add more development time to the first developer?

In your images I see a low contrast, so an increase in chromogen development time will make the image more contrast.
OK, I will try that.
It is better and easier to do tests at room temperature, with prolonged time, especially in the two develators.
I always develop at room temp, unless otherwise noted.
See that was posted on APUG about working in C 41at 20 C.
Development time is ~ 10 minutes???
No, I am using C-41 diluted 1+10 and times get very long. Almost 2 hours for that, usually 1 hour.

Only useable for cross-process slide film though, due to low contrast with normal negative film.

Again, I think you can get better results if processed film UT 18 or UK 17 like color negative process, using different chromogens revelators from C 41 or E 6.
No luck so far, but will try fresh developer next time.