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I definitely don't expect the Bessa to be at the same level of build quality as the M6 or Ikon, I just want to be sure I am buying a camera that won't break on me haha. I am pretty good to my gear though, I don't plan on becoming a freelance foreign correspondant trying to cover conflict with this camera

Plus the Bessa is nearly half the cost of the Ikon or M6, that's a lot of money I can put towards some nice glass.

As you guys can see I'm quite torn as to what I should do :P
If you feel you're going to keep it "forever" and you've used RF and like the shooting style then suck it up and get the M6. If you think you'll only use it lightly and overall feel is not so important get the Bessa. The M6 you can sell for what you paid, maybe even more, and it will likely hold its value a while if not go up. The Bessa you might be able to sell what you paid for it but if in time they prove not all that sturdy then their price may drop over the years especially if Cosina introduces more rangefinder bodies later.