Vonnegut's quote resonates very heavily with how I view things. My main inspiration and motivation for practicing my art is simply this:
To be able to, if only for a while, shut out the world while I try to make one single thing perfect.

I often call my photography my 'insanity asylum', and that's exactly what it is. My every day life is filled with spread sheets, large building blueprints with bazillions of little details in them, computer screens, specifications, and on top of that I am a full time student. If I had no way to disconnect from that and do something completely different, something that's creative and soul satisfying, I would probably be mad. To have that passion and drive for something completely unrelated also helps me appreciate what I do for a living. It offers a balance in my life that would otherwise not be there. I don't care if I ever sell a print again, but it is very rewarding to see the reaction someone gets from a print I gifted them, a portrait of their child, or something along those lines. That level of sharing and affecting others is worth a lot to me.