I really like rangefinders, I enjoyed using my Olympus 35RC before it broke and I love the Minister-D. I don't use the Minister-D very much only because it was my grandfathers and I don't want to damage, break, nick, dent, scrape it since it has sentimental value.

The frustrating part is all these cameras have their own pros and cons. In an effort to help myself think more clearly, here's a list I made. And if anyone cares to know this is something I have been thinking about every night laying in bed before going to sleep for quite some time now

Leica M6
-Legendary camera with great resale
-Best build quality out of the three
-Mechanical shutter
-Proven to last

-Expensive considered it would be used
-Quirky film loading (not a huge deal, I think I could get used to it quickly but I just had to say)
-Would probably require a RF adjustment and CLA out of the box
-1/1000 max shutter speed

Zeiss Ikon
-New camera
-Very good build quality (if not the same as the Leica)
-Dedicated 35mm and 50mm frame lines
-1/2000 max shutter speed

-Electronic shutter (on/off switch meaning no battery = no shot, that kind of weirds me out)
-Expensive (but then again it will be new, IIRC Zeiss still makes the silver ones new and the black ones were discontinued very recently)

Voigtlander Bessa R3M
-New camera (with warranty IIRC)
-1/2000 shutter speed
-1:1 viewfinder
-Lease expensive

-Iffy build quality (from what I gathered)
-Kind of strange system where you have to select the frame lines manually