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wow! thats scary. can we leave the stabilizer off at the end of processing or use some other form of stabilizer? I understand some other kits like Arista's E-6 kit doesn't even use a stabilizer. Any thoughts?
Back around the year 2000, the makers of C-41 films changed the formulation so formaldehyde or its precursor, formalin, was no longer required for stability. Sadly, they did not do this for E-6 films. If you have a 6-bath process that includes a pre-bleach step, the formaldehyde/formalin is in the pre-bleach. If you're using a 3-bath kit like the Tetenal kit, it's in the last step.

If you want your slides to be archivally stable, you must use a formaldehyde or formalin based stabilizer. There's no getting around it. Photo Engineer has written an extensive post about this on APUG, but I forget exactly where it is.