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I've never owned a view camera before and am interested in buying one. I could also use recommendations on a "first view camera" setup. Ken Rockwell seems to think that Tachihara is the best deal but I figure I ought to get some additional opinions and I can't really find a good comprehensive survey of what's available just randomly searching the net.

I'm thinking it would be easiest to just buy a whole used setup from someone who's getting out of LF photography or something as that might be the best deal, but I'm not sure.

I'm pretty sure I want a field camera. I know I don't want a press camera, and I expect to do mostly location shooting so I doubt I want to carry around a monorail.

I bought my Tachihara a few years ago after reading Ken's recommendation. Since then Shen Hao has come out with new models and Chaminix has appeared on the scene. Tachihara's have increased in price and the metal Toyo's have decreased in price on the used market. The Tachi is still a fine camera but there are many options available.

The best deal is to find a used camera with lenses and other extras that someone is selling. Buying your first View Camera is kind of like buying your first car. It probably won't be your last. After you shoot 4x5 for a while you will learn what you like and dislike in a camera. If you buy used at a good price then you can always sell later and get what you initially paid or close to it and then buy something you like better.