Everyone has an opinion, some of them are even based on some logic. Buy what you think will work for you based on your needs and what you are comfortable with spending. If you are barely making the house payment, have a new kid on the way, or desperately need some transportation to get you back and forth to work, then you may need to be careful about what you get.

I use a Zeiss Ikon and love it, but I knew what I wanted when I bought it. I wanted the Nokton 50mm 1.1 and I wanted to be able to shoot it wide open outdoors. That means sloooow film and fast shutters. The film is easy, but the shutter wasn't. Based on my SLR experience with my Pentax 50mm 1.2 I knew that I needed at least a 1/2000 seconds shutter speed outdoors. Even faster is better yet but the fastest I could find was 1/2000 seconds. That immediately eliminated the Leicas. But I still wanted the best build I could get for the money. So I went for the Zeiss Ikon. The fact that it was new was also a plus, I was not dealing with someone else's screwups. I've done that before and survived it, but I didn't want to do it again if I could help it.

For me and what I wanted to do, my choice was pretty much made for me. And I love my camera and my lens. So far it is everything I expected. But the point is, the Zeiss Ikon may be the WORST choice you could make. I don't know because I don't know what you want to do. If you don't know, figure it out and you may find your choice has already been made. Just buy the very best that you can afford, that does what you need it to do. That helps reduce the chance that you will be disappointed. Maybe saving your money and buying an M3 is your best choice right now. You can usually get good used ones for $800 or a little less. A new Bessa will run close to the same anyway. The M3 doesn't have a built in meter, but there are certainly worse things in life. Add a decent little 35mm or 50mm lens, and spend some time to learn how to work with a rangefinder. Then later, when you can afford it, you can trade up and get that M6, or something a little nicer. Or you may decide that you really don't like rangefinders at all.

Like I said, think it through and get the camera that is best for you right now. And go shoot some pictures for crying out loud!!