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The stabilizer is a required step, see B&W film doesn't need it, because silver is a natural bactericide, in colour films the silver is fixed out, and bacteria love gelatin, so it needs to be poisoned in some way so that the bacteria don't eat it. C41 films now use a different chemical for this, E6 uses formaldehyde for this.
OK, I understand that. Its not going to stop me from E-6 processing or using the Tetenal kit. I love slides. But I have a problem with dare devil attitude with the chemicals like formalin or formaldehyde.

I was just curious to know if there was an alternative. It doesn't look like any. Unless of course one wants to process the slides strictly for scanning and not worrying about their life. But I am a sucker for projecting them and I have to deal with the stabilizer for keeping them in good shape.