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You may not, but I value my life and take MSDS sheets seriously.

Did you do a study on this?

I have made sure I have enough ventilation in my small darkroom. When I do E-6, I keep the door open. But I still want to treat carcinogenic chemicals with respect. There is a reason why E-6 processing has been relegated to the crazy few.
Did you not see my suggestion of rubber/vinyl gloves? I was trying, obviously unsuccessfully, to bring a little humor and perspective to this thread. As Roger Cole noted, have you looked under your sink lately? Aerosol oven cleaners. Good lord, they disperse sodium hydroxide into the air! Not good to inhale or get in the eyes.

BW chemistries also use some unpleasant chemicals. I haven't seen any folk on this forum inveighing against them. Of course it could be that having two years of a college chemistry major, and being raised by a PhD chemical engineer, also a darkroom worker, gave me a more sanguine perspective on chemical risk. Just remember, "natural" ain't always good; Mother Nature has lots of nasty surprises awaiting the unwary!

Life is inherently dangerous. Doing E-6 at home with proper precautions is doubtless far safer than driving to the market for a 6 pack of beer, which isn't good for one either. BTW, any smokers out there? Talk about risky voluntary behavior! And I make that statement as a "recovering smoker," 18 years and still clear and clean. One day at a time....