Lately i have seen fast oscilloscope lenses being sold for good money on Ebay.
Probably somebody got impressed by the fast speed :-)
Most of these lenses are not impressive at close range (intended use was 1:2 to 1:1), and quite miserable for general photography.
Coverage is very small, don't be fooled by the use of leaf shutters.
Some Dallmeyer lenses are in a class apart, but i can't understand their practical use (despite the considerable price they fecth most of the times).
I own one, a Shackman-branded Dallmeyer on Copal No.1 (possibly a Rareac), which i bought very cheap, to reuse the good shutter.
It is a 51mm f/1.9. Can somebody explain me why they are bought for such silly prices?
I am very curious because i can't imagine any present day use for them...
In the past i purchased a few "oscillo" lenses, either alone or with the camera, to use the Alphax No.3 shutter and set aside a couple of Polaroid backs for possible future use (which didn't materialize).
Now i've given up searching for them, as the price are getting too high for my taste.
Anybody looking for an "american size" shutter (either No.2 or No.3) should be aware that electronic version needs the "command box" to be operational, and that their use outside the studio is almost impossible (if you don't carry around a generator!).
The command boxes aren't exactly easy to find, and 99% of the shutters on sale don't come with one. Nevertheless, there are a few of them on sale on the Bay, right now. Not very cheap, but if i had an Ilex Electronic i'd buy one!
Another warning. Some of the Alphax don't accept a standard cable release: they have a sort of pushbutton, which is screwed on top of the same place, where (in other Alphax made for camera use) there is the standard conical thread for the cable. I had to remove the pushbutton and have the shutter re-threaded for standard cable.
I had to learn all these informations the hard way, by buying and then finding what's wrong.
I am happy to share them now, so that you can check in advance.
Whatever... the shutters that used to belong to an oscilloscope camera saved three of my lenses from oblivion.
I am happy to use a big old Petzval with an external shutter, but i'm not so keen on using 8x10" wide-angles without a proper between-the-lens shutter.
Now i have three wides, scaled from 159mm to 210mm, which are a real treat. The total cost i sustained was much lower than buying them in shutter.

have fun