Brian, I treat all of my prints, as well as film, in Heico Permawash before the final wash cycle. Everything I said about the washing temperature included a wash- aid treatment. Fiber base paper absorbs fixer like a sponge. Film and RC paper are much less absorbent. I am referring to FB paper, here. As far as wash temperature is concerned, the warmer the wash temperature, the faster, and more efficiently, the materials will wash, up to the point where the emulsion is in danger of softening. Colder than 64-65F, the washing time would be extended too far. The wet time on the paper would be so long that there would be a risk of separation of the emulsion layer from the paper. David Vestal is a noted expert on washing photo materials. His books and articles can be found in the photo section of most libraries. There was an extensive research project on the subject a few years ago, and the results were published in Photo Techniques Magazine. The latest info. on handling Ilford's FB paper can be downloaded from the website.