Silly people, silly prices. More seriously, cultists, primarily in the far east. Visit www.oldlensclub.hk, and you'll probably have to use Google Translate.

Control boxes for Ilex and Melles-Griot (successor to Ilex) "electronic" shutters can be powered from a small 12v battery pack and an equally small inverter. If you want to make your own controller, see http://www.chemie.unibas.ch/~holder/shutter/index.html

No relevant to the OP, but I have a 'scope camera in the closet with an integral controller for a #3 Ilex electronic shutter (yes, I have the shutter too) with marked (click-stopped, in fact) shutter speeds from 4 seconds to 1/125 in one stop steps. 1/125 is incredibly fast for a #3 Ilex electronic. I bought it with the idea of pulling the circuit board and making a portable ... Easier said than done, metal has to be cut. The shutter runs quite slow at all speeds.

'scope camera mechanical shutters (Ilex, Alphax) for 75/1.9 lenses have restricted apertures, don't open as wide as the same shutters sold for use on LF cameras. Still useful for front-mounting lenses, but the diaphragm has to be removed. My 60/14 Perigraphe is stuffed into the front of one.

If you're interested in my view of shutters rescued from 'scope cameras, it is here: http://www.galerie-photo.com/telecha...2011-03-29.pdf