Tell you what, Alan. Drill a 3/8" hole in the wall into the next room. Get an extension cord, cut off the plug. Put the cord through the wall. Put on a replacement plug. Pug into an outlet in the next room. When you move, remove cord, spackle hole.

Over here we protect our idiots by using a ground fault interrupter; also Tesla designed our electrical system, 120V is not going to kill anyone, contrary to folktales. I have a mere 20 amp dedicated circuit in my apartment's bathroom, probably put there for the construction crews to use when building the apartment building. I added the GFI (and the ceiling vent fan), good old Boone had no building codes when this building was built in '65.

If you can not use the bath, how about the kitchen? The laundry room? Spare bedroom? A closet? Cupboard under the stairs (Hey, that is where my workstation resides, I had to put a 4x4 inch hole in the wall to the kitchen for electrical and network cabling)? A tin shed in the back yard? How about in the caravan?

When there is a will, there is a way. Always!