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Iím very intrigued by the Packard set up. I have never heard of that. I think that would work with my lens, I would just have to figure out how to mount it to it. I have elements both behind, and in front of the lens board. The other question I would raise with the Packard is camera shake. I have not looked into it much, but it seems the Packard gets about a ľ to 1/8 shutter speed, and the 2D is already a very shaky camera. Do you think that slow, clunky shutter would cause some lens shake?

I also gave some erroneous information. Itís an Eastman 2D. The No. 1 is my 5x7 plate camera.
Some (most ?) Packards have one instantaneous shutter speed, around 1/25 second. I don't have a Packard, but am thinking about getting one. Hopefully someone here will tell us how to identify the ones that have the instantaneous setting. About camera shake, I use a Seneca, and I'm pretty sure it's not a very rigid camera compared to modern designs. I have a setup to minimize camera shake that involves an inexpensive contractor tripod and a homemade adapter that allows me to attach a large wooden board securely to the top of the tripod using its built in 5/8-11 screw. The setup is very rigid, and supports the entire camera bed. I think it supports the camera better than an adapter you can buy that only supports a circular area a few inches in diameter around the tripod fitting on the camera.

I posted some pictures of the setup over at the LF forum: