Hi all..

I am just back from a 7 week vacation.. Before I left I had made contact with Simplicius via Facebook regarding the "Irish Camera" which is indeed in Ireland since late May. We were to arrange to meet up for the pass over, however this unfortunately didn't happen before I headed off on my travels and he on his.. I think now the best thing would be to have him mail it to me ASAP and the film processed and up in the Gallery for everyone involved in Camera 8. I'll send him a message tonight and try arrange it straight away.

I fear the spirit of this project has been somewhat lost in recent months with the cameras themselves.. It was always meant to be a fun project with the time spent with each Apug member adding further interest, and gentle nudging to move it along. I do believe every one of our project participants still feel the same way, but it's understandable that tempers are fraying somewhat. One thing I do know, is that this is through no fault of anyone of us, and we've all done our utmost to sort it out.. beyond what everyone has done, there's nothing else we can do.

I don't know or understand what has happened to Ralph, I hope and pray that it is nothing serious.. and if he or a friend of his is out there reading this and can pass on the message that anything I can do to help, I will do so.. just please ask.

As for the rest of us... I'm not sure what to suggest for our next venture.. the last two have unfortunately been an unmitigated disaster.. but I'm fairly sure we'll come up with something to have us all on the edges of our seats again... In the meantime.. I highly recommend a 7 week vacation for all

Sheila x