Vintage Rinehart Indian Print - Good Bird Sioux No. 34 in Vintage Frame - $200. Originally I was going to list this out in the big bad wide world but then it occurred to me that an APUGer might be interested. This is a generously sized vintage print of a Native American Sioux in a period oak frame. Image size is around 13 x 17 inches. Dates from right around the year 1900. Print itself is in excellent condition, with just a few flakes of detritus and specks of dust floating around between the glass and the image. Frame is good with gorgeous wavy glass. The only real criticism one would have is that some of the gold beading that runs around the inside of the frame has chipped away. (Weird highlights are just reflections of my white shirt and other noise.) Shipping will be extra. This is large (21 x 27 inches overall) so plan on something like $30 to $50 for shipping. I will charge actual shipping charges, no handling fee. Enjoy!!