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I'm going to advise not to use a tripod (unless you're shooting large format). It's another piece of equipment you have to fiddle with and put between you and your subject, it prohibits the creation of those great grab shots you could only get with the speed of hand-holding, and if you're at shutter speeds slow enough to use a tripod, your subject might still be blurry from moving.

Like what ChristopherCoy and I said before, just shoot hand-held, wide open the whole time. It will look great. Shooting at f/11 on a tripod is for large groups and old timers who had to stop down on their 4x5's.

Take a look at this one, Shot the whole thing on a 1V and 85L, hand-held. Looks awesome: http://www.michellemooreblog.com/201...k-to-my-roots/
Just because you use a tripod does not mean you have to stop down to f/11 and use a slow shutter speed.

I guess I'm an old timer (age 50) who shoots 4x5 and 8x10 but when I started out I shot a whole lot of 35mm film. When I was shooting 35mm I noticed early that almost all my best shots were done using a tripod. They were not necessarily sharper, just better. The reason being that when I used a tripod It slowed me down and I spent more time with my subjects.

This is my opinion about tripod shooting. Nice portraits by the way!