Dry side where you actually need the power in another room where you have the power?

Great idea. All you really need in the wet side is a timer, and there are battery ones around. And, a safe light, a bit more difficult, but one could screw colored bulbs into the regular fixtures as a make shift.

Of course there is always the problem that I had as a kid, as soon as I locked the door and got started there were a string of bangings on the door and shouts of "I have to use the bathroom".

Come to think of it all my personal darkrooms were in the bathroom, and only with a couple was I the only one who used that bathroom. It is strange how many people will ask you if they can use your darkroom, and get angrily demanding when you explain that they can not because it was also the family bathroom. I guess they subscribe to the Thoreau (Or was that Emerson? I always get them confused.) theory of economics, you don't need to buy and axe because you can always borrow your neighbor's axe. He did not say, but I assume he always returned it dull as well.

Someone mentioned using an Art Center darkroom, I had a deal with one of those once. I did some work for them supposedly in exchange for free use of the darkroom. Supposedly, because when I wanted to use the darkroom there was always some reason why I could not. The fact is I never had any luck using darkrooms other than my own, with the one exception being the Base Photo Hobby Shop when I was in the air force.