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Thanks for the tutorial on the electronics n workings of the meters. Firtst thing I did when I got her was open it up n clean everything inside n out top to bottom. It is facinating the sensor has 3 color gels CYM n when you turn the dial to each channel it moves the window to that particular gel over the sensor diode tube.. white has no gel of course... such an elegant n simple solution.

What I'd like to know; what are the real world values of say the Y chanel when set to G then null tuned to 20 on the second dial? G-20 has no transaltion to anything I am familiar with in terms of density or CC values. Does the manual deal with that at all?

If you set the coarce dial to say G and the fine dial to 20 it doesn't really mean any thing. It's just there so that you could remember to return to the same setting. Beseler made the module and in the module are 4 multiturn potentiometer and there is no such marking. Basically you would null each channel for each kind of analyzing mode. For example skin tone, gray card, or diffuse with a diffuser and everaging the entire negative. You could use each module per program or you can jot down the setting on the coarce and fine adjustment knobs. My newer Omega SCA 400 would automatically null when you push a button and store the setting in digital memories.
The color analyzer measures light in relative term and not absolute. It only tells you the difference in light level in relative to the null.