It looks pretty easy to make -

1) Rubber Bulb
1) length of rubber tubing
1) Test Tube, I'm guessing it's about 20 x 150 mm in size.
1) Rubber Stopper, two hole, get a #3 size to fit the 20 x 150 mm test tube.
2) some 5mm glass tubing. 5 mm should fit the holes in the stopper nicely.
1) propane torch.
1) triangular glass file to cut the glass tubing.

Light the torch, stand it up, have your glass already cut to length, and then heat it up and bend the tubes to match what's shown. To make the dropper tip, heat the glass and pull the tubing apart until it's thin but don't pull it all the way apart. When it's cooled, us the file to nick the glass and then wrap it in a paper towel and pull the ends of the tube away from each other with a slight bending motion at the same time. Some people think that wetting the spot there the glass is nicked will help it break...

Also remember to fire polish the ends of the glass where it has been cut.

It's probably best to watch some youtube to see how to bend and cut glass tubing. Something like this:

Wear safety goggles when working glass.

It's a 10 minute project once you have all the items.