Finally, my cards are in the post. I made a commitment to myself to print one of the images with color, doing my own ra-4 printing. I wanted to calibrate a big roll of Fuji Crystal Archive that I bought, that has been sitting in the freezer for more than 8 months untouched.

So I got caught up on a whole whack of backloged film (about 16 rolls, and 20 sheets of 4x5) needing processing, contact printed all the c-41 filer pages onto a well understood old Kodak Supra RA-4 paper and not too old chemistry.

I then paused to get set up for the 5" Fuji stuff, cutting 7" sections from the spool. I also decided to made up a new blix; the old tank solution was on the verge of sulfating and silvering out. Discovered the 'part A' had actually sulfered out when it came time to mik more. So I proceeded to mix my own Part A from Amm thio , sulfite, and hydroxide from a formula I had squirrelled away on this issue a few years ago, knowing that this day would come.

Made up a new batch of developer replenisher, filtered the cruddies from the working developer, and add the replenisher, which was behind schedule due to a big batch of contact prints.

Then fire the roller processor up this am, and find all sorts of gremlins in the control board operation. Shake most of them out, and feed a blank page through, and yuck - get green with random green globs. Try Kodak paper -green too, not as bad. Feed it a clean out sheet, and lots of specks come out adhered to it, so that was definitely needed - I guess the blix and developer crudies were quite stuck in some rollers.

Pull all rollers to check chem temps. Yikes - tank 1 - a water pre bath for the way I run it - was over 50C, when I had poured in at about 30C to start an hour before. So pour in cold water, and feed a blank sheet, get clean white out - yes back in business of a sort.

So I wound out the prints in a rushed batch before tank 1 takes off to a boil again. The prints are now done and mailed, so now I can tear the machine apart and fingure out why the control circuits are driving the heater on tank 1 all the time.

Prints done near the end had blue/purple creeping into the borders as tank 1 heated. Now you know the long sorry story why I put them out the way that they are.