I got the R3M and it's working out well for me so far. I haven't used rangefinders nearly as much as 35mm SLRs but got a Konica some years ago at a camera swap. I also got a vintage Voigtlander not too long ago but both of those are limited of course by not having interchangeable lenses.

I'd gotten a digital (yeah, I know) Ricoh GXR and they came out with a unit that takes Leica M lenses, so for me it's been a good way to get into having lenses (Voigtlander) that will work with the digital camera and a mechanical film rangefinder. To me it's a nice camera (and I love the 1:1 viewfinder, a bit of selling point for me) but I've never even used a Leica to compare. (If I did, maybe the Bessa would pale by comparison, but it was a practical option).

At this point for me, a Leica wouldn't be the most realistic choice but that might be something I'd end up wanting eventually. I guess it depends on how much you'd use a rangefinder (or any camera for that matter) to determine what price range is affordable or what camera would be worth more of an investment.