For what it's worth, I've been using Packard shutters for 62 years I prefer the instantaneous type. They are easy to spot as the shutter frame has a hole on one side, and a small diameter extension on the back side. These three leaf shutters are drivin by air from a bulb and hose that goes through the lensboard to the shutter cylinder. They come in different sizes for different diameter lenses. The larger shutters inst. speed is about 1/15 second. They are very simple to mount. If the lens sticks out in back of the lensboard, make a 1/2 inch box to mount the lens in front of the lensboard, with the Packard in back of the lensboard. I use them because they don't shake the camera. Packard shutters are still being made.
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Iím very intrigued by the Packard set up. I have never heard of that. I think that would work with my lens, I would just have to figure out how to mount it to it. I have elements both behind, and in front of the lens board. The other question I would raise with the Packard is camera shake. I have not looked into it much, but it seems the Packard gets about a ľ to 1/8 shutter speed, and the 2D is already a very shaky camera. Do you think that slow, clunky shutter would cause some lens shake?

I also gave some erroneous information. Itís an Eastman 2D. The No. 1 is my 5x7 plate camera.