2. Develop it myself. This makes me nervous; everyone in the house is sensitive to stinky chemicals.
If you can develop b/w, you can do C-41. Be a little careful about your temps and you shouldn't have any problems. The chemicals are not smelly. I develop mine in a basement bathroom (with bathroom exhaust fan running) and there's plenty of girl stuff in there that's far more smelly than the C-41 chemicals.

If you do decide to try this route, I would suggest getting one of the digibase C-41 kits from Freestyle to start with. The powder kits work OK but the liquid based kits will give you much better results. You could try one of the small kits on a few rolls and decide if it works for you.

That being said, I never had any problems sending film out, but I always worry about my films cooking in a metal mailbox or on a shipping dock somewhere.