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Well, this confuses me. Having been in a Camera Obscura once or twice... the light comes into the camera through a hole (aperture). Whether that needs to be set on the meter or not I have inadequate eperience. I thought so, and still think so... but holmburgers point about measuring this light just as one would measure exposure on an enlarger table makes perfect sense. I'd belive him, or look up a book that talks about measuring enlarger exposure, or do some test strips. If the meter is sensitive enough you can do what you want to do with no problem. If not sensitive enough, follow the direction given in Chan Trans earlier post.
I actually think there isn't enough light for a good reading. So in my first post I did tell the OP to make some measurement inside the camera and see if he would get any reading. If the light is strong enough above EV-2 for ISO 100 which is only about 6 lux. At ISO 6 you only need about 1.7 lux for a 1 second exposure. If we were to expect exposure to be longer than 1 seconds than the meter can't measure that low a light level. Enlarging meter I think is in order or may a color analyzer in the white channel.