You may wish you'd spent the extra money for an M2 and a 50/2 summitar at least in the long run. However, the Konica rangefinders are pretty good. My first camera was the Konica I (very good lens) and no collector interest. I second the Canon 7 and P. Good working cameras, but not as sexy as Leica. The Kodak retina I is pretty nice and very pocketable. You could probably find a Leica IIIf but frankly I have trouble seeing through the tiny finder windows. The prominent 50/1.5 is a great lens, but the Prominent camera is really weirdly set up for use. I wouldn't go with that camera.

The problem with the Canon 7 is that there is no accessory shoe for a finder or a meter. If your meter works and you're happy with the finder frames the 7 has, it's a wonderful camera. If not, the add on shoe is impossible to find and expensive. But it's a nice camera.

The Leica CL with the 40 isn't quite as expensive as the M2 and is still my favorite pocketable film camera.