DRPSilver – Textures – I enjoy the sharp/ unsharp texture of the foam in the waves that form the background to the image.
It is likely a lucky combination of speed of the waves and the shutter speed used.
The foreground placement of the rusting and crumbling elements shows a very nice viewpoint to reveal, and you knowingly pointed out the textures of this scene.

George NS – IR Truro Reservoir - A very nice image of tranquil waters with the textbook IR look of the foliage. I like the black lurking shadows of the foreshore on the far side.

Nige – Breakaways - a nice shot of the Outback. The cloudless sky, brings back memories of my time spent travelling the outback on holidays while working in Brizzie.
Excellent timing/ use of light and shadows to show the contours of the hills so well.

Moose on the Loose – Hiroshima lantern parade - Wow – that must be a spectacle to witness in person. The image sure packs a lot of emotional punch.
Superb framing, and good control of contrast in what is undoubtedly a challenging lighting situation.

Piu58 – Simmer Haus – Great rendering of the textures of wood, and a great example of good use of negative space in the center of a successful image.
A nice companion bit of background text to explain the uniqueness of the image contents.

Steve Hawkins – Dogwood Flower – A very nice still life composition. Great full blacks set off the delicate texture in the petals.
Super depth of field for what is a challenging macro type shot.