I've got two M2's, a CL, an M8, and a NEX-7 and use Leica M lenses on all of them. The M2's are really God's gift to photography, they're great cameras. The CL is really tiny and still very high quality. The M8's a great camera if you can stand the APS-C format. Great IR photography ironically. The NEX-7 is in many ways, the CL mk II. Not a rangefinder, exactly, but so like a modern version of the CL. The experience is very much like a film rangefinder (almost more like the M2 than the CL) and the magnification and focus peaking helps me focus almost better at age 55 than I can do with my M2.

Hope your Bessa works out for you. I jumped straight from Minolta AF SLRs to M2s without anything in-between, but I started with a Konica I and maybe that gave me the bug for a rangefinder experience.