I now have a Leica IIIc and also a Jupiter 35mm f2.8 (modern) and Elmar 50mm f3.5 (c.1930,) and a VIOOH finder for 35/50/90/135. I'm wanting to put together a little system. Goal: lenses of 1940s vintage, all use same lens shade, filters. I will sell the Jupiter--too modern for me. I might sell the 50mm f3.5 and replace with a Leica 50mm f2 collapsible. I also want an Elmar 90mm f4. Here's where I need help. I want one lens shade to use on all three lenses. That would be the FIKUS made for 35/50/90, right? I also want to use filters yellow/orange/red on all three lenses, preferably while also using lenshood at same time. Filters don't need to be Lecia brand. I know there is an adapter for Leica E36 filters to be used on A36 lenses--would that work for me? Finally, regarding lens hood. I've read the FIKUS hood will fit the Elmars 35mm f3.5, 50mm f3.5, 90mm f4, but does it also fit the 50mm f2? What I want to end up with is my Leica IIIc, with lenses from 1940s of 35mm/50mm/90mm, a lenshood that can be used with all three lenses, and Y/O/R filters that can be used on all three lenses. Is this do-able? What do I need?

Kent in SD