John I might help, albeit indirectly. I sometimes expose Kodak ImageLink Microfilm. It is even sharper than Technical Pan was. However, its latitude is bad and you must expose for the highlights or shadows, as in a contrasty scene you will not get both. For foggy days or open shade it is great. Also, before others want to buy this film: it is NOT perforated even though I comes in 35mm width. I have to be creative in how I run this film through the camera. Now for development;

I dilute standard developers greatly for its development. Start by diluting about 1 + 3 and developing for about five or six minutes. Just develop about an inch of exposed film (why waste a full roll?) Back into a time in this manner. As for exposure: You do have a choice here. If you want the best continuous tone possible, I expose the ImageLink at 4. If you want bolder contrast (you must develop longer for this) try 16 or 32 (even higher for really high contrast).

Maybe you did not even wish information about microfilm, just the 'Microfine' developer: sorry if that was the case. (Semantics play tricks on me in my old age.) I do not have experience with this developer. But whatever, try clip tests (about 1 inch of exposed film) to check its energy. - David Lyga