I use an Acculab VI-400 that I've had for many years. It is accurate to 0.1 grams, which I felt was adequate for my needs. Acculab has gone out of business as of January 2011, acquired by Sartorius Group. Sartorius makes a similar line of reasonably priced accurate scales. The prices seem comparable to the old Acculab line. I can vouch for Acculab, but I haven't used Sartorius scales so I can't say if they are comparable in quality.

Here are some examples: http://scaleman.com/catalogsearch/re...q=sartorius+ay

As you can see, combining very high precision (0.01g) with high weight capacity (1000+ grams) is very expensive, but you can get 5100 gram capacity by 0.1 gram accuracy for $330. If you need greater than 0.1 gram accuracy, consider buying two scales. One low capacity scale with high precision and accuracy for miniscule measurements, and one less precise with higher capacity for those larger amounts where accuracy to a tenth of a gram is sufficient.