I've been doing even more reading online and have found some people to have rangefinder alignment issues with even new Bessas. Has anyone else had issues with their R2M/R3M/R4M? Realistically I think I am leaning towards the Ikon at this point with the M6 being the close runner up.

It looks like the M6 and Ikon will be the same price, but there is one thing that really appeals to me about the Ikon; the 1/2000 shutter speed. I think that would be a really useful thing since I find myself sometimes wanting to isolate a subject with a shallow DOF even in brighter areas. So like Pioneer said on the previous page, a slow film in combination with a fast shutter speed would allow this.

The other nice thing about the Ikon is that it would be a newer camera. Although, I guess I don't really care how old a camera is as long as it works flawlessly and I could pick one up in mint condition though. The Ikon is the more expensive choice of the two.

Reasons for going with the Leica at this point is the proven durability of the camera. I have not seen too many long term reviews for the Ikon so I am unsure as to what to think of it in terms of years and years of use. On the other hand it seems as though there are tons of people who have Leicas that are decades old.