To me, it does not look like Hasseblad has abandoned film altogether. Recently had a look on the current issue of "Victor" and 12 of the 42 pages are filled with an article on and photographs made by Rodney Smith, who according to Hasselblad, is still using film with the Hasselblad V-serie exclusively and is printing his B/W work traditionally, though he uses hybrid workflow for his colour work.
Furthermore, Hasselblad has still listed the V-series and the high end scanners on their website, though the selection of lenses for the V-series has decreased. They have however stopped promoting film and analogue Hasselblads, that is true. Considering the fact that the V-serie has earned its merits through more than 50 years of existence now and there are plenty of bodies and lenses on the used marked, I think it simply would not make much sense to spend money on advertising the V-system anymore. People who want a Hasselblad are aware of their quality and will buy second hand anyway. It is nice that Hasselblad does still service them though. This and the fact that the V-series is still represented in media like Hasselblad Masters, Victor, Planet V, Hasseblad TV ect., if not to the extend of the H-Series, which is reasonable, since they need to sell the latter, shows that Hasselblad is still cherishing the legacy of the V-series and film.