Went to the Bessler store (which was Epperson Photo Video since 1972) to pick up a test roll of film from my new to me F5 today. At least one, maybe two film processing machines appear to be gone and the one last fridge with film in it only had some TMax and that was it. Heard the same "film is on order" excuse now for around 6 months.

So, now what? I know it looks like if I want Porta or any professional film at all I will have to mail order. However, as I was surfing around today here on Apug I read a thread about the price of film from awhile back and the mentioned Kodak's consumer line of film. Is it worth my time to give Kodak's regular consumer stuff a try. I must admit once I tried Porta I haven't really tried much else. Since availability would be pretty good at WalMart and certainly the price is much better......worth it? How many of you have gone this way. That Gold consumer stuff is C-41, right?

Any other options for me?

Oh, one last thing, is it best for me to mix my color (using dry stuff) and/or B&W chemicals up say a day prior to let them blend better? Got a boat load of brown chemical mixing/storage bottles while I was at the photo store so I am ready to start developing.....

Bob E.