So I'm confused, is this thread about the 8x11mm Walter Zapp Minox cameras, or the Minox 35 cameras?

I have 3 or 4 Minox III and IIIs cameras, 3 or 4 Minox B, a broken Minox C. I have 4 Minox film developing tanks, two Jobo 35mm reels modified (cut down) for Minox 8x11 film, a Minox enlarger, and a couple of different film slitters. Using the Minox is fun.

My favorite is the Minox III (or IIIs) because it is so small. I am not that good at estimating exposure, so I do carry a light meter with me when I use it, usually.

I just broke my best and most-used Minox B camera. I was advancing the film and the end with the selenium cell just came off in my hand, and little bits and pieces of the meter went flying. I went ahead and finished that roll of Minopan 25 anyway. I need to send that B off for repair now.

I just loaded some Adox KB14 in one of my Minox III and some T-Max 400 in another. Working through them slowly.