I have had a Minox B for many years but I never develop the film! I think I have a bag somewhere with a bunch of exposed rolls in it. I know I have a stainless reel somewhere too and if I find it I plan on using the camera more. They are fun cameras. You really can't do anything serious with them but sometimes enjoying photography is more important. I have an Atoron too.

I recently purchased a Minox 35 EL and after sorting the battery issue (I just used 4 544 cells with a paper insulator) I can't believe how good the lens is. I am a Leica and Contax user too just so you know I am not overrating it. I am not a big fan of the guess focusing but for most things it is accurate enough and on the upside, you get an image when you press the shutter which can't be said for most point and shoots. I made one of those arm-length-two-eye-distance-scale things I saw here a while back in case I need it. It is a great pocket camera. I have a bunch of point and shoots and I think the quality of it is about as good as can be had. The only lenses I have seen that are marginally better are in the super premium compacts like the Minilux or the T3. I read that Minox used Leica glass to make the lenses and I would believe it. It does have a bit of the Leica tonality and character to it.