Zeiss super ikonta IV finally!!! Have had it for awhile, stiff focus, bit of fungus on lens, dim viewfinder, but with a good rf patch that was aligned well.

I attempted a fix a little while back, just the lens, but it was a no go. The set screws were worn and couldn't be removed.

So today, I was checking it again for fungus spread, it hasn't which is a slight relief. Decided to put a bit of naphtha to loosen up focus, which worked, but ultimately flooded the lens and moved dirt onto it doh!

So what the hell, using the Kiev survival site guide, I dismantled the camera, took out the lens and cleaned as much as I could the rear and middle elements removing dirt and fungus. The front elements were unfortunately stuck without removal of set screws holding lens collar. After cleaning, getting the lens back on was a total pain! Most frustrating repair part I have encountered so far as I did not make a custom spanner. I did with a combination of collapsing the lens and watch tools from the back. Ugh.

Top plate and viewfinder cleaning was easy, but the person to worked on this camera previously mixed up the order of some shims. Replaced according to pics. I actually had a extra part not shown on the site under the right film wind, probably omitted in pics by accident as it was a large piece .

Its operating smoothly now, easy to turn focus, viewfinder and rf are brighter, and everything was cleaned up omitting the area right behind front element which still has a few spots of fungus but is unreachable. ~3.5 hours work. And its sunrise lol.