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Yes, but the callier effect you are talking about applies to enlarger light source not to densitometer light source. The reason some densitometers have the ability to vary the sampling aperture is so that you can sample a smaller area of the film, not to try to simulate "difuse or colimated" light sources...

the Callier Effect is independent of whether the light hits the sensor of a densitometer or the paper. But the densitometer can only take this into account, if he has the same light source.

You should adjust film development to your enlarger and not to your densitometer. If your densitomenter has the same light characteristics as your enlarger, it will produce the same results. Otherwise, your enlarger will produce different paper densities than expected. Again: you may apply some correction factor here, but this will depend on film/developer combination.

BTW: the densitometer settings on my device do not affect the measurement area at all, which is determined by the corresponding hole in the case and the probe size, which is always the same.