You're making it too complicated. 35mm film is 35mm film. Just load up and start shooting. The difference between consumer and pro film is mainly marketing blather to justify pricing. Each film has its own characteristics and should be judged only by how it works for *you*.

Some people like eye-popping, jump-off-the-page colors that other people find garish and offensive. Some films are very forgiving of exposure error and allow great flexibility in use. Others reward spot-on exposure with extreme clarity and vivid color. Some show the colors you remember seeing, others show the colors you wish you had seen.

You mention 3 wonderful cameras, all perfectly capable of taking the worlds greatest picture. Just use the camera you have and pick a film, any film. Shoot a roll and look at the pictures. Adjust your thinking to take better advantage of the camera and the film and shoot another roll. When you think you understand that film, start over with something else.