Any of those cameras are fully capable of shooting any type of film you want, as long as it fits. I shoot slides with my K1000 all the time and it works great.

I use "Pro" level film and I use "consumer" grade films and to be truthful I probably couldn't tell the difference between the prints if I mixed them all up and then laid them out on the table in random. Some people probably can, but most will not be able to.

I use a lot of Portra 400 and 800, both considered Pro films, because I like the color response and they work really well for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and indoor school events. But I also use a bunch of Kodak Gold 100, 200 and Fuji Superia 200, considered consumer films, because I like their colors. I am finding that Kodak Gold 100 is a bit harder to find sometimes so it may be on the way out. Not too big a deal because I have lots of it (80+ rolls) in the freezer yet.

But go buy a couple rolls of types you think you might be interested in and play around. Heck, that is one of the really fun things about film photography, finding a film or two you like. And don't worry about that camera. If you still have the K1000 it will work for all of this for a long time.