First off, thank you to everyone who took time to look at these photos and comment on them. Everything you guys said was great in terms of letting me know what I did right and what I can improve upon.

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Colour wont add to them so to me they are obviously b&w images. In digital I see b+w conversions as togs somehow trying to qualify an image as street but usually its to hide bad composition or exposure. In film the same argument does not even apply, the image is taken in b&w therefore it is what it is and therein is the truth of street photography.

That said ...b&w photography is about light and tone and texture and contrast and I have no hesitation in shooting in midday light however it needs to be because the content overpowers the composition and yet here the content and the stripping effects of the light are almost equal when one needs to overpower one with the other. A photograph needs to feed eyes with a subject or a composition.

Shopping areas attract shoppers and buskers and what you end up with are shoppers and buskers and they look the same everywhere. I'm guessing too that Detroit is a tricky place to travel about but markets can have their dangers too.

These images are more travelogue than street but only because they show you passing by and not engaging the scene beyond simply capturing it.
I really like what you said about the use of b&w in digital vs film photography. I would venture out to say that FlyingCamera said what he said because I posted 17 photos there is a lot of black and white to look at. But I do think that b&w was justified here because I think it allows the viewer to concentrate more on tone and texture. Since it's at a market, colors are very repetitive and I think color would be a little too overpowering.

On the topic of travelogue vs. street photography, I noticed that I was forced to use my 28mm more than my 50mm and as a result could not get as close as I needed to since I am used to working with the angle of view given by a 35mm or 50mm lens. The reason I was using my 28mm more often was because I needed to zone focus and the 28mm gave a wider range of distances that would be in focus.

I do have to say that I disagree with your definition of street photography needing to engage with a subject, there are quite a few very well known "street" photographers out there who do not engage a subject when photographing him/her. Not saying my work is anywhere near his level, but the infamous Bruce Gildan comes to mind.

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Eastern Market is my #1 favorite visit of Detroit! Thanks for your sharing.

I respectfully disagree with the above statement. Photographs 2 and 6 completely show the photographer engagaing wonderfully with the market than mere documentarian.

Top notch OP, keep seeing and inspiring others with your great sharing here!
Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words. Like I said Eastern Market is a really great place not only because there are a lot of interesting people there, but because it's doing something really positive for the community. To add to the list of photos I felt I engaged the subjects, I feel that 15 also required me to establish a short rapport with the subject (even though like I mentioned above, I personally do not feel that necessarily definies a street photograph).

I do wish I was able to use my 50mm more that day because it provides a field of view that I am comfortable with. If anything I guess this was some good practive using a wider lens for street photos