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The other difference between Professional films and "amateur" films revolved around issues of distribution. Professional films used to be much less easily found, because amateur films used to be available in drug stores, supermarkets, gas stations - just about anywhere.

Now it is much harder to locate amateur film, so that difference isn't particularly relevant.

In addition, Professional films used to be available in large quantities for volume purchasers. A Professional photographer (or a serious amateur) could choose to buy hundreds of rolls at a time and be assured that each roll came from the same emulsion batch, with exactly the same characteristics for colour and sensitivity and longevity. Amateur films were never available in those large, custom matched batches, although the very minor differences one might encounter with films from different emulsion batches most likely wouldn't even be noticeable by anyone not set up to make very precise scientific measurements.

Try out the amateur films. If you find something you like, feel free to buy a bunch!