How about those who want to join us at When Pigs Fly do so at 9? We could do it much earlier if there is any desire (they open at 7) but I figure that with travel and all, 9 is a time when we could stop, take a break from shooting, and have some breakfast. If there is enough interest, I'll speak to them about setting a large table aside. Last year they put us outside in front––nice, but a bit noisy with traffic. I think they may have expanded into the other half of the building, but I'll have to check that. I'm going down tomorrow but I now have broadband down there and will remain connected. Lena (my much saner and better looking other half) will remain at the house so that people arriving have somebody to greet them.

Remember- no advance notice necessary to join us. If the spirit moves you to come to the beach this Saturday, drop by anytime.