Tron- the reason I said I think this cries out for color is exactly the reason you cited for not doing color- you can use the repetition of color as a pattern, and use selective focus to make the color abstract. It's another way of looking at it. And posting 17 images is far from overwhelming. I'm actually not seeing a cohesive visual thread in these images - you've got your subject matter, Eastern Market, but your shots are scattershot. You've got some that are very much about the people. Some are about the physical place. Some are about activities. I'd like to see you develop one of these ideas more - look at it as a building, or perhaps a photo-essay on the musicians and performers. Or maybe it's about the food and products that are available there. You talked about how Eastern Market is a place city-dwellers go to get things that they can't find otherwise, like produce or fresh meats. SHOW us that story, don't tell it in words.