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Looking at KEH it seems generally you can get an EX condition M6 for $1,250 or so. You can get a LN- for about $1,600. My experience with KEH is that anything EX+ or better is perfect - YMMV.

In terms of the Zeiss ZM lenses at KEH or on an auction site, LN new ones in perfect condition can be had for 65% or so of the price new.

My experience with KEH is that none of the equipment I have bought there has needed a CLA.
I was going to share the above too. KEH will be about 10-20% higher than what you might find privately or on eBay but I think the premium is worth it for the return privledge and the warranty plus their reputation of being very conservative in their condition classifications. In my experience of shopping and owning a few Leica bodies the cheaper ones are cheap for a reason and you pay for it in the end, not just in the difference in price but the frustration that comes along with that.