Begosh, it's still in my possession!


The plastic mounting foot suffered an injury long ago, and years later the "welded" repair (with a soldering iron) gave out on that. A couple of years ago I found it wouldn't run -- likely a deteriorated electrolytic cap sitting like a slug on the inverter circuit. I thought I had tossed it, but there it is - a cute paperweight. It ran on two AA cells, was not a power house, but worked for my infrequent use. It came with an adapter cable that plugged into an earphone style jack on the side near the foot and allowed using it with PC fittings for non-hot shoe cameras. (Looks funny today to see a hot shoe with one little contact in the middle!)

I believe I got it sometime in the 1960s, but can't pinpoint a date. I was using a Honeywell Tilt-a-Mite with bulbs for a while on the Konica FP I bought in 19-aught-63.