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@relayer - I like your ideas of potassium sulfite and reducing sulfite. In fact, I've tried both. This concentrate is intended to act exactly like XTOL, but I want to explore your ideas more to make developers that are different from XTOL. One reason I avoided potassium sulfite is I thought it was difficult to obtain; can you buy it in Ukraine?
yes, I can buy it in Ukraine, but price is high. but I have other problem - sodium metaborate (kodalk) is very problematic to purchase in small quantity.
try 1st to reduce amount of sodium sulfite. may be this increase sharpness without dramatic increasing grain size.
here is my "clone" of XTOL:

RD-117 developer
Salicilyc acid 1g
Sodium sulfite 33g
Ascorbic acid 4.15g
Borax 8,5g
Phenidone 0.2g
Water 1l
pH 8.2

starting dev.time same as for D-76